Civil Liability Cover

Some Professional Indemnity policies offer more than the standard level of cover by providing full ‘Civil Liability’ cover.  This covers claims for things like breach of contract, libel and slander.


A claim is a demand by a person or business who is seeking to recover for a loss and may be made against an individual or a business. You are making a claim when you ask your commercial insurance company to pay for a loss that may be covered by...


Co-insurance means the sharing of one business insurance policy between two or more commercial insurance companies. Usually, this entails each insurer paying their share of any claim directly to the policyholder customer. In other words, the policyholder has an insurance contract with more than one insurer. This arrangement is cumbersome...


Connected with, engaged in, sponsored by or used in commerce or commercial enterprises.


Fee paid to an agent or insurance salesperson as a percentage of the policy premium. The percentage varies widely depending on coverage, the insurer and the marketing methods.

Consequential Loss

An alternative name for Business Interruption or Loss of Profits insurance. Click through to learn more about Business Interruption Insurance.

Contents insurance

Contents insurance covers the contents of your business premises, including stock, office equipment and machinery. Click through to find out more about commercial Contents Insurance.


A contract is a legally binding exchange of promises or agreement between parties that the law will enforce.


Where someone is holding two or more business insurance policies covering the same interest in the same commercial property for the same risk, and if the policies provide indemnity cover, then by law you cannot make claims against both policies and so make a profit. Instead, the commercial insurance companies...

Credit insurance

Credit insurance covers your business against the risk of bad debt due to the insolvency or payment default of your customers or buyers. Click through to read more about Credit Insurance.