Legal Expenses


If you have ever been in the unfortunate position of a legal dispute, either as an individual or as a business, you will know how costly the outcome can be.

Legal Expenses Insurance arranged by MCM Insurance Services, also sometimes known as Legal Protection Insurance, offers a way to cover the cost of the other side’s legal expenses – solicitor’s fees, court costs – as well as your own, if it’s looking likely that you will lose a case.

Before the event insurance (BTE)

If you have encountered legal proceedings before, or even if you haven’t and you want to take additional precautions, BTE Legal Expenses Insurance can be arranged so that it is in place if or when it’s needed.

After the event insurance

An individual or business may want to take out Legal Expenses if legal proceedings are already underway and a loss is looking likely. This type of insurance doesn’t cover your liability or reimburse you for any damages you will need to pay.

Business and personal use

Legal Expenses can be bought as a single policy, but often it forms part of your motor insurance or household insurance for individuals, or commercial combined package if you’re a business.

For a business Legal Expenses cover can be useful when it comes to any employment disputes around claims of unfair dismissal, gender or age discrimination, or workplace bullying, for example.

As a homeowner, Legal Expenses can support any neighbour disputes around deeds, right of access and boundaries, while as a driver it can help you recoup any uninsured losses from the party who caused loss or damage. For instance, if it’s solely your vehicle that’s insured and but personal injury is not included on your policy schedule, Legal Expenses will be able to help you pursue the driver at fault for compensation.

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Legal Expenses Insurance offers a way to cover the cost of the other side’s legal expenses, as well as your own.