Directors and Officers


Company directors and officers are exposed to over 200 areas of statutory liability under the 1985, 1989 and 2006 Companies Acts, which means that they can face unlimited personal liability for their actions and decisions on behalf of the company. MCM Insurance Services are here to alleviate some of that pressure with adequate insurance.

Directors and Officers’ Insurance, also referred to as D&O Insurance or Management Liability Insurance provides cover for compensation and legal costs, if they’re found to have inadvertently acted outside their terms of reference.

Your company can buy Directors and Officers’ Cover to protect the personal assets of key decisions makers or senior managers and to meet their legal costs. The policy will reimburse the individual for personal liability arising out of what is known as a “wrongful act”.

Alternatively, the policy can compensate the company itself where it’s had to reimburse a director or officer for a personal liability arising out of a “wrongful act”.

The cost of premiums depends on many variables, such as business activity, financial strength, number of staff, turnover and so on. However they are surprisingly inexpensive.

Your D&O Insurance policy can be extended to include Employment Protection Liability, Legal Expenses and awards for Employee Disputes.

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MCM Insurance Services are here to alleviate some of the pressure faced by company directors with adequate insurance.