Do Bloggers Need Insurance?

So here’s an article that’s a little different and somewhat closer to home.

Everyday there are millions of blog posts finding their way onto the internet, be it in a professional or personal capacity. Within our blogs we see all trends from lifestyle to corporate being littered with alleged facts, quotes, assertions and pictures within them.

Whether it’s a pastime, paid work, or an extension of your business online, you’re liable for whatever content your blog pushes out onto the net from the moment your hit “publish”.

But what exactly could you be liable for? Here are some examples:

  • Defamation – Saying something on your blog which could damage an individual’s or company’s reputation could open you up to legal action from the party in question. It may be a hint at certain practices or unfavourable associations, or a put-down which crosses the line.


  • Infringement of intellectual property rights – Any time you include copy from another article, or post a photo or logo you’ve not received permission for, you’re treading on thin ice. With the wealth of images and content available online and little understanding on their copyright status, this is mistake all too easily made by bloggers.


  • Illegal content – Child abuse, extreme sexual violence, footage or real or simulated violence, and content which promotes criminal and terrorism activity is prohibited and can not only lead to legal action but imprisonment.


  • Confidential information – In a corporate capacity, this could be the employee in charge of the blog publishing weak figures or a new service without first squaring it with their colleagues. This could be intentional or accidental.


  • Harassment – Causing distress or anxiety through threatening, indecent or false communication is a criminal offence which can come with a fine of up to £5000 and a 6 month jail term under The Malicious Communications Act 1988 and The Communications Act 2003.



Can insurance cover it? Knowing what you should and shouldn’t write and publish is the best way to side step costly legal repercussions. While blogging insurance isn’t an insurance market staple, liability insurance and legal cover can help protect you if a comment is misconstrued or you use someone else’s photo, for example.

Give us a call if you’re involved in the blogging world and need to enquire about hwo or when you may need cover.